The Moving Company Celebrates Their 35th Anniversary!

History of The Moving Company

On 27th of March The Moving Company celebrated 35 years in business.

Today The Moving Company are the mover of choice for kiwi families and businesses, annually moving thousands of kiwis around New Zealand and across the world. What’s more, we are also the largest moving company in New Zealand for handling inbound household goods and car shipments for returning kiwis, visa holders and new residents.

We have developed our core business over the last three and a half decades to focus on intercity and international moves earning us an enviable reputation worldwide for customer-focused service delivery.

The Moving Company have a team of over 240 staff and a significant fleet of 85+ furniture & container trucks, inhouse container handling equipment, over 800 x 20’ storage containers to cater for our international, intercity, or local moving services.

“In 2001 the company had twenty staff and a dozen furniture vans, today it’s part of the largest moving group in NZ,” says Managing Director, Mark Pitcher.

The Moving Company has achieved a lot over the last 35 years and is proud of its history.

“I started in the industry part-time sweeping the warehouse floor as an after-school job, and learning to pack. Louie Martin was my trainer, today Louie is our National Commercial Move Manager.
Post high school upon accepting a full-time job with The Moving Company I was given the opportunity to learn all of the business units from operations, sales, International, linehaul, finance over 10 years, to ultimately being promoted to General Manager. Being offered the opportunity to purchase the company in 2001, it is incredible being here today to see how the business has grown, and reflect on our success and achievements,” says Mark.


The Moving Company credits our success over the last 35 years to the staff.

Mark says “The success of the company is down to the hard work, focus, and strategy of our team, especially from our operational teams who are packing and delivering in our customers’ homes every day. They are the face of the company – where the rubber hits to road.“

“Our international recognition is down to the consistently high standard of service and our long-standing team. 65% of our staff are 10 plus years’ service and 20% are 20 plus years of service which represents significant experience and expertise.”

Tofi Tapasu, National Operations Manager has been with the company for 27 years starting as a Packer and progressing to his current role. “For me, The Moving Company is more than a business it is part of my family. The people, the personal growth opportunities, and the loyalty of The Moving Company to its staff are what makes working here so great.”

Summer Croucher, International Move Manager, has been with The Moving Company for 20 years and added that it’s the people that make the company.

“My colleagues are what I love most about my job, many of us are long-serving and have worked together for years.”

While, Margaret Tourell, Shipping Manager says that she is proud to be part of a winning team and internationally recognised company.

“I have also been with the company 20 years, and we stand out in the international market. Our reputation is bright and symbolises that we are 100% New Zealand owned and operated and have pride in our service, fleet, and the people behind it.

“There really is only one word to summarise how I feel about the last 35 years, and that’s proud.”

The Moving Company Staff


The Moving Company was established in 1987 by Clive McCall, starting life as The Nelson Moving Company. Clive had been in the industry for many years and was a founding shareholder of Movements International Movers.

The business was originally based in Nelson delivering new furniture orders nationally for large manufacturers before evolving into a national and international household moving company.


The company grew through the acquisition and merger of Banner Removals and Action Pack Express in the early ’90s.

  • In September 1992, the company was rebranded to The Moving Company, as it is known today.
  • The Head Office relocated from Nelson to Christchurch in 1992 and expanded its branch network to service Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga, Hamilton, and Auckland.
  • Around the same time, the company obtained its FIDI Global Alliance and OMNI membership cementing new global partnerships for our international business and expanding our network to over 60 countries.
  • In the late 90s, the company moved away from new furniture deliveries to focus on international relocations and large intercity moves. We rationalised locations to Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch with purpose-built warehousing and container handling equipment, which helped grow the international and storage business.
  • In 2001 the company was purchased by its current owners and is privately held.


  • Our first international move to Australia was completed in 1989.
  • Receiving our first FAIM accreditation certification (FIDI Accredited International Mover) in 2005, which is the most stringent, all-encompassing quality programme for the international moving industry. Recognised as the supreme seal of quality by global customers. We still have this accreditation today, which is audited on a bi-annual basis by EY.
  • In 2007, seeing our first purpose-built building in Christchurch being constructed
  • Seeing our first 100 purpose-built and branded high-cube shipping containers arrive in 2004.
  • The opening of our purpose-built facility in 2011 in Auckland, which was market-leading in being able to store 20ft containers inside 3 high.
  • Hosting 50 of our international partners in 2010 for The Moving Company Golf Tournament, where friend of The Moving Company Steve Williams flew back from the Masters to be with our partners for the tournament offering tips and support to each participant. Our attendees represented 24 countries from South America, Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
  • Moving into our new larger building in December 2021 in Christchurch.

TMC Truck


The company has experienced many changes over its 35 years in business. Mark says, “The company has grown at a steady pace ensuring we meet the commitments we make to our staff and customers. Having been purchased three weeks after 9/11 growth has been solid. We have been through the GFC, seen the trends with global relocation from the brain drain to Australia, to the massive migration to live and work in New Zealand, the corporate moves from Wellington to Auckland in the early 2011s, to today where the movement is to the South Island from the greater Auckland region, and Australia, particularly Brisbane is back on the radar post covid.”

One of the biggest changes the company has seen over the years is the evolution of IT. What was once a very manual system for booking, management, and communications is now a globally integrated operating system that incorporates the transfer of shipment information worldwide at the push of a button.

“Technology has played a large part in our business with things we thought 10 years ago that could never be transformed have been! New technology for us includes AI-driven surveys where the software can cube the goods to be moved whilst creating the list of items to be moved. It’s game-changing technology!” says Mark.

What’s more, the evolution of our company fleet and fuel efficiency through Ad blue and euro 5/6 engines (reducing carbon emissions) and new packaging materials, such as for flat-screen televisions and hanging wardrobe cartons help meet customer expectations and the household goods customers have in their homes today.

Another massive change for the company has been move lead times. “Historically moves would be planned up to two months out, now we can receive a call today to move Internationally next week. We have had to adapt to the fast pace of life today and customer expectations to reflect that,” says Mark.

“What hasn’t changed is it is still a very physical job, so training our team is really important. Driver shortages are a challenge for the entire trucking sector, so we have invested in an internal driver trainer to work with our staff to upskill and obtain the licenses to drive the larger trucks, which they all want to do,” continues Mark.


Over the years, The Moving Company has moved a high number of professional sporting stars, high-profile dignitaries, and large-scale businesses.

One of the more interesting moves was relocating all of New Zealand Posts mail sorting equipment. The Moving Company were selected due to the delicate nature of the equipment and the careful handling required with household goods.

Other interesting moves include large diplomatic relocations to countries that don’t have much traffic from NZ, such as Israel, Kenya, and Argentina. The unique challenges presented with local authorities mean our team needs to be experienced and informed on the local regulations at each country of destination.

We have also featured on one of New Zealand’s longest running TV series Shortland Street, moving Dr Chris Warner and family.


The Moving Company cares about giving back to our local community and appreciates that we live in a world of limited resources and an environment that needs protecting. Having a sustainable business is vital to our future success.

The Big Egg Hunt

In 2014 and 2015 the company was involved with fundraising initiative from the Starship Foundation called the Big Egg Hunt. The Starship Foundation is New Zealand’s national children’s hospital, providing over 140,000 children with lifesaving care every year.

New Zealand’s leading artists, designers and architects turned 100 giant eggs into unique masterpieces which were hidden throughout Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in historic, landmark and public spaces. The public then went on a hunt to find the eggs and enter in the draw to win a grand prize.

The Moving Company were a major sponsor of this event and were responsible for moving, storing, and installing the 100 giant eggs across New Zealand.

The Eggs were later auctioned at the end of the hunt and in 2015 the campaign raised over $204,000 for Starship.

The Moving Company purchased one that is still displayed at our global HQ in Auckland. It has a large padlock on it with the egg spilt like a vault, which reflected the security we offer to our customers when moving.

The Moving Company Auckland
Full Circle Recycling

The Moving Company received the ‘Making a Difference’ award from Fullcircle Recycling, New Zealand’s leading paper recyclers for our efforts in managing moving packaging that is end of life.

“This year, the company will commence a carbon reduce programme which will help us identify key areas where we can make a difference and get us on the path to our sustainability goals. The company has always recycled packaging materials but it’s more than that now,” says Mark.


The company has an incredibly bright future. “International Mobility looks incredibly strong for full-service bricks and mortar moving companies like ours, where we own our facilities, equipment, fleet and directly employ our staff. With the global upheaval created by covid representing the largest global mobility cycle in decades we are going to be very busy with our inter-city, international moving and storage services.

The supply chain challenges currently being experienced globally will eventually settle returning capacity and transit times for more ‘normalised’ pre covid levels.

What will be the next game change for the moving industry in New Zealand – hydrogen powered trucks is my bet,” says Mark.

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