Is Moving to Asia Right for You?

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From the beautiful mountains of Japan to the bustling streets of Hong Kong to the famous beaches of Thailand – Asia has so much to offer. As the world’s largest and most populous continent, Asia is incredibly diverse in landscape, language, and culture.

Moving to Asia is something that we Kiwis do for many reasons. You may have found your dream job, your dream partner, or simply fallen in love with a certain country and culture.

But is moving to Asia right for you? In this post, we consult the experts at The Moving Company. They’ve moved thousands of Kiwis and their belongings to various countries in Asia, so they’re more than qualified to assess your case. Here’s how to know whether or not moving to Asia is the right choice:

Are you looking for better job opportunities and willing to travel for them?

The first aspect to consider when moving somewhere is the job opportunities. One of the main reasons why Kiwi professionals make the move to Asia is because they’ve found great jobs with higher salaries. From teaching to business to technology, there are plenty of different industries that are hungry for a Kiwi workforce and are usually willing to pay for it.

If you consider yourself a career-driven, adaptable team player who’s willing to embrace change for a better job, then moving to Asia for work is probably the best thing you can do for your professional life.

Are you open to different cultures?

Moving to Asia isn’t quite like moving to the United Kingdom, Australia, the USA, or anywhere else with Western culture. Asian cultures are quite different from our Kiwi culture and embrace different religions, customs, and ways of life.

If you’re an open-minded person who enjoys learning about other cultures and languages, then you’re most likely a great fit for moving to Asia. Do your research on the country you’re planning on moving to and make sure you’re comfortable with embracing their way of life.

Are you moving with a family?

While there are a few more considerations to take in when you’re moving to Asia with a family (rather than as a single person), it’s actually a very rewarding thing to do. Your children will gain an understanding of different cultures and will benefit immensely from experiencing this in their younger years. Travelling broadens our horizons and moving to a different country does this on a much larger scale.

If you’re now convinced of moving to Asia, you should also be convinced on choosing The Moving Company to get you there. They move Kiwis to countries like China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and others on a regular basis, offering their smooth, reliable service at great value rates. Get in touch with The Moving Company for a free no-obligation quote and start planning your move to Asia today. Call 0800 668 464

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