Is Moving to Australia Right for You?

White, sandy beaches, bustling cities with lots to see and do, picture-perfect weather… are these the things you imagine when you think of Australia?

Well, they should be! Australia has all these perks and so many more. When we say, ‘many more’, we’re talking about the great job opportunities with generous salaries, the ideal conditions for family life, the great healthcare system, and lots of other perks.

So, are you ready to move to Australia and is it right for you? In this post, we’ve got the experts’ opinions from The Moving Company. They move hundreds of Kiwis across the ditch every year and know exactly which type of people are perfect for moving there. Keep on reading to find out whether you’re the right fit.

Are you interested in better jobs with better salaries?

It’s no secret that Australia has better job opportunities in many different industries – and better wages too. From fields such as mining and technology to healthcare and retail, Australia is booming in the job department. As for salaries, Aussies have it luckier too; Australian full-time workers earn on average $383 more a week than those in New Zealand. This means less stress about paying the bills and more room for spending your money on things you enjoy.

Are you wanting warmer weather?

While it’s not the primary reason that Kiwis move to Australia, it’s definitely a big perk: the weather. Australian winters are milder, and the summer lasts a lot longer. In fact, in northern parts of Queensland, the Northern Territory, and Western Australia, summer lasts the whole year. Perth and Adelaide enjoy more rounded seasons with a Mediterranean climate, while Melbourne and Hobart are closer to an Auckland climate.

Are you moving with a family?

Moving to Australia with your family pays off immensely. It’s an ideal country for raising kids, with its wide-open spaces, great education system, and fantastic schools with public and private options. Kiwi and Australian cultures are super similar, so it won’t be difficult for your kids to settle into their new environment.

Australia, like New Zealand, is a country that promotes activity amongst kids. Summers are spent swimming at the beach and winters are spent playing sports like footy and netball.

Are you looking for change without being too far away from home?

Moving far away can give you a homesick feeling – but Australia is just a short flight away from home. In a matter of hours, you can be back in your hometown catching up with friends and family.

Feeling ready for the new horizons ahead of you when you move to Australia? Get in touch with The Moving Company to start your journey of moving to Australia. They’re one of New Zealand’s most experienced teams for international moves, getting you and your belongings moved across the ditch safely, smoothly, and affordably.

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