The insurance industry recognises The Moving Company as an experienced professional team within New Zealand’s moving industry, allowing us to offer a full range of comprehensive all risks moving insurance.

moving insurance

Just as it is normal to insure your assets and possessions in your home, it is highly recommended to cover your treasured goods whilst in transit or storage. We offer options tailored to your requirements at very competitive premiums.

All customers who insure with The Moving Company will get a written acceptance of insurance, confirming your protection is valid. The underwriters are Vero Marine.

We offer additional insurances to cover electrical and mechanical derangement, which is when electrical or mechanical items arrive in perfect visible condition, but when turned on, don’t work, plus pairs and sets or total loss options.

Transit and Storage Insurance Application Forms

These forms have been designed to assist you in establishing a value for your insurance. Your insured value should reflect the full replacement value of your items being moved. New Zealand benchmark replacement values are shown as a guide based on industry averages. All your household and personal effects should be insured for the new replacement cost in the country of destination.

Moving tip: premium packing materials help prevent damage

The Moving Company has developed a unique range of packing materials designed for optimum protection, cushioning and strength. Utilise our Packing Services to reduce the chance of your belongings getting damaged.

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