Step-by-Step Office Relocation Checklist


Relocating to a new office? Congratulations! There’s no better morale-booster for your team than setting up a new space together and starting off fresh. It’s sure to bring a year of success and new confidence. But before you smash goals and achieve new records, you’ve got to get through the moving process first. What should be on your office relocation checklist? Let’s find out!

Get a professional clean

Hiring cleaners for both your old premises and your new one is a must. It’s so much harder to properly clean a place when it’s full of stuff. The carpets and windows, in particular, may need attention and it’s a good idea to book your new premises in for a professional clean well before you load your stuff into it. If you have regular cleaners for your bathrooms, then make sure you get them to restock your new place.

List of new purchases

Relocating offices is a great time to invest in new office equipment. Make sure you’ve got a list of purchases and execute them before you move. It would be less than ideal if you got rid of your old phones and forgot to buy new ones. Write down a list of all the items you need to purchase and then buy them before the move.

New business cards

Business cards are the ultimate networking tool, and you can’t use them if they don’t have your correct address. Make sure you order updated business cards well in advance of moving into your new premises.

Tell your clients

This list will take a while to compile. It will include the obvious ones like clients, customers and partners, but there will always be a couple of less obvious people to notify. Get a big list going and then start notifying.

Organise utilities

Imagine rocking up to your new office and there’s no power connected. That would be a pretty awkward moment. Avoid that at all cost by organising utilities for the office well in advance of the move.

Book in with a moving team

Booking in with a professional team of movers is one of the most important things you can do to guarantee the success of your office relocation. These guys are pros when it comes to setting up new offices, making your relocation as seamless as possible.

The last thing on the checklist is to organise a bumper of a party when you’re settled in the new place! It’s the best way to kick off the new chapter of your office and to christen the new building. If you need a top-quality moving team, The Moving Company are New Zealand’s experts in all sorts of moves, including commercial ones. They can get your business from one place to another with no stress and no setbacks. Call up The Moving Company to organise your office move and to grab a free quote for it today.

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