Tips for Moving Overseas


Moving overseas is possibly the most exciting thing you’ll ever do in your life. There are a range of new experiences that are knocking on your door. It may be scary, it may be tough at first, but once you’re settled in your new hometown, it’ll be an incredibly rewarding experience. Before we get you to that point, we’ve got to do some intense planning and preparing. How do you move overseas? What do you need to keep in mind? In this post, we’ll run through our tips for moving overseas.

1) Save your dough

Moving overseas won’t be cheap at first. You’ll need to pay for flights, new accommodation, shipping your stuff over and all the rest. That’s why it’s important that you save up a nice wad of cash to pay for all the expenses associated with moving overseas. Then, when you’re settled in your new country and you start work, you can afford to be a bit more liberal with your spending.

2) Get your passport

It’s obvious, but you’ll need a passport to move overseas. Some countries require your passport to be valid for 6 months beyond your final travel date (annoying, we know – but they do this for good reasons). Make sure you’re well aware of the rules in the country that you’re heading to.

3) Healthcare

So, it’s not the most exciting or glamorous part of moving overseas but finding out the healthcare options for yourself in your new country is super important. Get all of your medical records from your doctor and receive all the necessary immunisations. Also, find out whether your prescription medications are legal and/or available in your new country – you’d be surprised at what’s not available in some places.

4) Talk to a moving company who can take you there

Not sure how to get your stuff overseas? Find a top-quality moving company who are experts in overseas moves. Do this well in advance, so you can start making decisions about what to take and what not to take. It can be tricky to work out because you’ve probably never moved your stuff to a different country. Talking to a professional moving company will help you out big time. They’ve done this hundreds of times before and have helped others just like you move their stuff to a different place.

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