Top Tips for Moving House with Kids


Moving isn’t always easy and, if you’re moving with kids, it can be even less easy. You’ve got more stuff to pack, you have to be an emotional support pillar for your kids and, consequently, you’re more stressed out. If you want a stress-free move for you and your kids, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go through our top tips for moving house with kids and tell you who to call if you need an extra helping hand (hint: it’s not Ghostbusters).

Ask for help

If you’re planning to ask your kids for help during the move, you’re already on the right track to moving. Their strong, sticky hands that help them grip objects are the perfect utensils for carrying out a move. Not only will it take a load off your shoulders, but it also teaches them about taking responsibility and being independent. Another great tip is to disguise the move as a game or competition, challenging them to pack the highest number of boxes.


Rewarding your kids for helping out or for accepting the move so bravely is a great way to help them manage the move. If you think about it, incentives are pretty much what our whole world is based on! You go to work, you receive money. That’s an incentive. Teaching your kids about incentives while moving houses is a great opportunity for them to understand the world around them.

Call it an adventure

It may seem a little untruthful to dress up the moving journey as an ‘adventure’, but it can be a useful tip when moving houses with your kids. This puts a positive light on the moving journey, likely to influence your children’s perspective of the move.

Talk about it

While we want our kids to think of the move positively, we definitely shouldn’t be forcing them to think that way. Moving is sometimes hard for kids to understand, so it’s important to talk to them about it and see how they’re feeling. Ask your kids how they feel about the adventure and reassure them that, once everyone has settled in the new place, it’ll feel just like home.

Get a great moving company

Our biggest tip for moving house with kids? Get a quality moving company to help you. With so much stuff on your hands, there’s no way you’ll survive without a great team of movers.

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