What Do I Need to Move to Australia?


Thinking of moving to Australia? We highly encourage you to do it. You’ll enjoy sunny weather; great job prospects and you’ll only be a stone’s throw from home. These are just a few of the reasons why so many Kiwis spend at least a little portion of their lives across the ditch. So, what do you need to move there? Let’s cover the basics of what you need to move to Australia.


When moving to any place, you need to take your documents with you. Gather all your paperwork such as birth and marriage certificates, visas, mortgage and bank statements, licenses, passports and keep them secure in one place. Get electronic copies of these too. And don’t forget your dental records! These will come in handy when your new dentist wants to see what’s previously been done with your teeth.

A place to live

It’s one of the most important things you need when moving to Australia: somewhere to hang your hat! Find a house well before you move, so that you’re not in a rush and have as many options as possible. Consider your budget, your work situation and your lifestyle. Don’t go for something that can’t fit all your belongings, and don’t go for something that you’re barely satisfied with – find somewhere you love!

An Aussie bank account

Chances are, you’ll be moving to Australia to earn some of those big fat Aussie dollars. To store these dollars, you’ll need an Aussie bank account. Talk to your bank to see if they have any recommendations – it may make it easier when transferring funds.

A car (depending on where you live)

If you’re living in an inner-city suburb of Sydney or Melbourne, then you may not need a car. But if you’re moving rurally, there’s basically no other option for transport. Even in cities like Adelaide and Perth, the public transport systems aren’t too flash, and most people own cars.

A professional moving company

Choose a moving company who know what they’re doing and who have loads of experience in moving people to Australia. Unfortunately, you can’t just get your friend with a ute or station wagon to help you out this time. Find a moving company who understand your needs and use their expertise to transport your belongings as smoothly as possible.

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