What Do I Need to Move to Canada?


Are you thinking of leaping across the globe and becoming a Canadian? It’ll be an experience like no other! As one of the most liveable countries in the world, Canada is no doubt a great place to spend a few months, years or even the rest of your life. So, before you’re watching ice hockey and putting maple syrup on your bacon, what do you need to move to Canada? Let’s take care of a couple of basics in this post.

Documents and health records

You’ll need all your documents and health records in order to move to Canada. Some of the most crucial things include birth certificates, visas, passports and licenses. Keep them all in one safe folder so you know exactly where they are at all times. Health records are particularly important, especially if you take regular medications or have any special conditions. Don’t forget to grab copies of your dental records so that your new dentist has an idea of what’s been done with your teeth in the past.

Some French under your belt

Don’t be surprised if you head to Canada and realise the locals are speaking French. Quebec is the main French-speaking region of Canada. Although only 22% of Canada is French-speaking, almost half of the population can carry a conversation in French. That’s why it’s important to learn even a little bit of French, so you can get by.

Warm clothes

One thing you absolutely need when you move to Canada? Warm clothes! It’s the perfect destination for cold frogs, experiencing chilly winters and very mild summers. Pack your warm clothes and invest in a good pair of thermals if you haven’t got them already.


That thing about Canadians being ultra-polite is actually pretty true. As Kiwis, we think of ourselves as a pretty polite bunch too, so it shouldn’t be a problem to use your manners to their full extent. Work etiquette, for example, may seem a little bit more formal than it does over here.

An international moving company

So, if you’ve ticked all the boxes above, then it’s time to enlist the help of a top-notch moving company that are experts in global moves. Not all moving companies will be experienced in moving people to Canada, so it’s important you choose an international moving specialist who has moved plenty of Kiwis to Canada.

Feeling excited about the move? We can’t wait either! If you’re still searching for a moving team that specialises in global moves, talk to the crew at The Moving Company. They’re New Zealand’s best team of local and international movers, having moved dozens of Kiwis, just like you, over to Canada to start new lives. Call up The Moving Company and grab yourself a quote today.

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