Why Move from New Zealand to Canberra? Living Costs and Tips

Moving to Canberra

If you’re a New Zealander thinking about relocating, you’ve probably considered a variety of locations, each with their own distinct appeal. Canberra, Australia’s capital city, is one destination that may not be on everyone’s radar but needs to be.

Life Quality: Canberra is frequently referred to as the “Bush Capital” for good reason. Being surrounded by stunning natural features including parks, reserves, and Lake Burley Gryphon gives locals the ability to pursue an active lifestyle in the middle of tranquil nature. Canberra’s magnificent outdoors beckon, whether you like to go hiking, cycling, picnicking, or just take leisurely strolls. The city is dedicated to sustainability as well, using efficient recycling programmes and renewable energy sources to reduce its environmental impact and foster a healthy environment.

Safety: When choosing a place to live, safety is of the utmost importance. This city delivers with its low crime statistics, giving people peace of mind.

Employment: Canberra is not just the political and economic hub of Australia, but it also offers a wide range of job options in the public sector, including positions in the military, government, education, healthcare, and technology. It is even more appealing because of the steady job market and low unemployment rate.

Education: Some of Canberra’s finest colleges and schools provide specialised programmes, gifted and talented alternatives, STEM education, and curricula with an emphasis on the arts. Universities like the Australian National University (ANU) are famous for their outstanding academic programmes and cutting-edge research.

Cultural Richness: This city combines stunning natural scenery with cultural landmarks. While galleries and theatres present a diversified arts environment, museums like the National Museum of Australia and the Australian War Memorial explore the history of the country. Festivals held in the city include the National Multicultural Festival, Floriade, and the Canberra Balloon Spectacular.

Healthcare: Access to medical services is ensured by Australia’s efficient medical system, which is supported by Medicare. The Canberra Hospital and other top-notch medical facilities provide a wide range of services.

Affordable Living: this city stands out for having a lower cost of living than other major Australian cities, particularly when it comes to housing. You can find peace there without feeling strained financially.

Work-Life Balance: Residents of Canberra have more spare time thanks to shorter commuting times. A great work-life balance is made possible by parks, hiking trails, and cultural events, ensuring that you take full advantage of your downtime.

Are you considering a move to Canberra?

This vibrant Australian capital city offers a high quality of life, excellent career opportunities, and a unique lifestyle. However, it’s essential to understand the living costs and relocation tips to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Housing: Depending on the neighbourhood and type of home, housing costs in Canberra can vary greatly. Accommodation costs will often be higher in inner-city regions and lower in suburbs. A one-bedroom flat might cost between AUD 300 and AUD 600 per week to rent.
  • Public transport, including buses and light rail, is well connected. A monthly public transport pass will set you back about AUD 120. If you intend to drive a car, keep in mind that costs like petrol, insurance, and registration can total between AUD 100 and AUD 150 per week.
  • Groceries: A weekly grocery bill for a single person can range from AUD 80 to AUD 150, depending on your dietary preferences and shopping habits. Local markets and supermarkets offer a wide variety of options.
  • Dining Out: The culinary scene is diverse, and dining out can be a pleasant experience. A mid-range restaurant might charge between AUD 20 and AUD 40 per person for a dinner. A cup of coffee in a neighbourhood café usually costs between AUD 4 and AUD 6.
  • Utilities: The average monthly utility expense for a typical 85-square-metre flat in Australia is from AUD 150 to AUD 250 and includes electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage.

Be assured that despite the significant steps required to get from New Zealand to Canberra, your journey will end in a rewarding and exciting new chapter in your life. Your transfer can be smooth with proper planning and the appropriate assistance.

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